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Xamo Toolkit Allows You to Create Great Mobile Apps
... Even If You're a Newbie.


Are you missing out on the lucrative mobile apps market?


Did you know that a good mobile developer can easily demand a 200k salary and gets it without even trying?


Are you struggling to learn mobile development and get drowned in cryptic errors you know nothing about?


Now imagine a tool that can provide you with shortcuts and templates that you can add on-demand.


Then out flies a fully functional mobile app that works seamlessly on both iOS and Android.


Sound too good to be true?


It's not...when you have a secret weapon.

My secret weapon generates mobile applications. A mobile application is the heart of today's modern businesses.

Mobile apps are undoubtedly the modern-day gold rush.

Mobile apps are critical for business success in today's competitive market.  It's the only effective way to reach customers in the digital age.

Mobile apps are the x-factor in billion-dollar businesses.  See Uber, Lyft, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on...

But Creating Great Mobile Apps Is Hard Work!

You could toil countless hours, days, months, and even years in your dusty garage or "development cave" trying to figure out how to breathe life into your awesome idea.  

Or you could forget all of that and discover the secret to jumpstart your awesome idea into a great app and start growing your business.

When you have access to this powerful tool, you can swiftly expand the functionality and features your great app with ease.

You see, I am leveraging more than 20 years of software development experience to map out a solid architecture and framework so you don't have to.  

I have made all the mistakes.  I have seen all the pitfalls.  And I have applied it to the toolkit to guard you against them.

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Who is it for?

It is for technical founders and start-up entrepreneurs with awesome ideas.

It is for C# programmers who yearn to get their feet wet in the lucrative market of mobile applications.

It is for development powerhouse who wants to speed up development projects for their high paying clients.

It is for enterprise businesses that want to build their app in house.

It is for freelancers who want to make a name for themselves.

Simply put, Xamo Toolkit is for anyone who wants to make money with mobile apps.

With a few simple clicks, you can generate an app within a few minutes.  All you have to do is make a few updates to make it works the way you want it.


Whatever your reason for entering the mobile application market ...

Achieve MORE and achieve FASTER with Xamo Toolkit.

The toolkit incorporates templates created from working components and allow you to mashup your namespace, binding context, and data sources.

Which means Xamo Toolkit produces code that is uniquely your own.  It will become your intellectual property (IP) that you can later own sell and transfer.  The code is generated for you to own.  This is not "rented land".

As you well know, IP in the software business is one of the most valuable assets that can make you millions or even billions.  

That, my friend, is the dream we all dream of.

And now, that dream is within your grasp.



I only wish that I had this toolkit when I started my entrepreneurship journey a long long time ago.

With It, I Would Have Been Able to Achieve Success Much Sooner, And Much Easier.

My name is Trieu Nguyen.

For more than 20 years, I’ve been designing and developing software frameworks that empower my clients to take quantum leaps forward in their businesses.

My current focus is on mobile development, where I’ve engineered frameworks that help startups jumpstart their mobile development.


In the process, I’ve also mentored countless junior developers, and I’ve seen firsthand how impactful it is to combine clear instructions with the tools necessary to build a sublime app experience.

Mobile apps are one of the most lucrative, promising businesses today — with billions in revenue in the offing — and developers rightly see this as a modern-day gold rush.

The faster you can take your idea-to-done, the bigger your competitive edge, and the more likely it is you’ll find success.

Xamo Toolkit is my way of helping everyone with a dream and basic app development know-how take a quantum leap forward.

Now you can too, achieve success much sooner, and much easier!

What Exactly Are You Getting With Xamo Toolkit?

Well, integrated with Visual Studio powerful IDE, you'll find foundation solution and ready-made templates that you can easily connect.

Core Foundation

This is the architecture and framework.  We build our out-of-the-box project solutions on a solid foundation, the result of many years of careful planning and precision architecture. We do all the heavy lifting by implementing the following:

  • MVVM Architecture

  • Material UI Design

  • Helpers and Converters

  • Styles and Themes

  • Localization (languages)

  • 3,000+ Font Icons

  • Reactive UI

  • Xamarin Essentials

  • Off-line Mode

  • Data Synchronization

  • Data Entity Manager

  • Data Management Web Portal

Versatile Page Templates

These are the functional features that you can add-on.  Every one of our page templates is built with two users in mind: you and your customer. It’s our mission to save you time and effort while developing a smooth and satisfying experience for your end-users. We have the following templates included in the subscription:

  • Themes

  • Walkthrough

  • Login

  • Dashboard

  • Article Pages

  • Messages Pages

  • Social Pages


Because Xamo Toolkit is a growing collection of templates, we’re always adding new components and variations to existing components, so you always have an incredible selection to choose from.

Essential UI Controls

Our collection of UI controls includes all you need to build an engaging and intuitive UI. We’re always adding to our control collections to keep your options fresh and abundant. Our controls include:

  • Accordion

  • Badge

  • Data Grid

  • Floating Action Button / Menu

  • Floating Label Entry

  • Floating Label Editor

  • Floating Label Picker

  • Floating Label Date picker

  • Floating Label Time picker

  • Gesture Frame

  • Image Editor

  • Image Gallery

  • Gradient Layout

  • Movable List View

  • Popup Control

  • Segmented Control

  • Repeatable Wrap Panel

  • Zoom Scroll View


Shortcuts and Helpers

Create and keep your own user-defined model-based templates for code-gen your pages exactly the way you want. And activate various helpers to automate arduous tasks.

  • Model-Based Code Generation

  • App Icons & Launch Screen Maker

  • Validation Engine

And many, many more!  We add new templates and updates EVERY MONTH!

Putting Xamo Toolkit To The Test

You see, for the longest time, I've held the idea of creating an app that can reprogram the subconscious mind to elevate our effectiveness and even change our habits.  

After having read books such as Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and witnessing how a memory expert, Jim Kwik, can ridiculously recall hundred of numbers he just heard one time (which he attributed to obtaining the right brain state), my resolve for this idea grew even stronger.

But time and time again, my initiative would start but then get stifled by frustration and setbacks.  My enthusiasm eventually fades after getting burnout.

Fortunately, having been in the software development sphere for so long and seeing firsthand how most software applications required a lot of the same thing, has led me to engineer Xamo Toolkit.

After completing the pre-beta version of Xamo Toolkit, I had decided to put it to the test by creating the app for this idea.

Thanks to this toolkit, I was able to give life to this idea within 3 weeks. It allows me to focus only on the features and functionality as opposed to all the groundwork, the invisible part of the "development" iceberg.

The app is called Entrain Cognitive.  Since its public beta in launch May, it now has more than 250 users already relying on it to meditate, relieve headaches, get an energy boost on a daily basis.

And more users are joining organically and steadily every day without any effort.

It's complementary YouTube channel is also get noticed with more than 1300 subscribers so far.


You see, Xamo Toolkit took away the technical burden and allow me to bring it to the market much quicker. It also frees me to focus on the strategy of running a start-up.

Surprisingly, a lot has been accomplished with merely a 3-month window even though I haven't been putting in much effort.

I'm Looking for 500 Beta-Testers

Who Want To Get An Amazing Deal

Listen, I know Xamo Toolkit works.

I am using it to found and co-found multiple start-ups.  It's my secret weapon.

That's why I'm offering Xamo Toolkit today for just $129.95 a month.

That's less about $4 a day! About the price of a medium-sized Starbuck coffee.

While others will pay $600 to $700 a month or more...

In return, you'll be able to crank out mobile app after mobile apps faster than anyone else could.  Which could give you the life you always dream of.

Compare that to what it would cost you to hire a professional.  The average cost to develop a mobile app is estimated to be around $200k.  That number jumps to $600k if you use US-based developers.

And maybe millions more in the technical debt you will incur in the long run when you hit pitfalls not tackled upfront.

Yet, for a fraction of that price, you can use my secret, Xamo Toolkit, to crank out all the apps you will ever need.

That's an incredible deal.

Here's the best part.  When you locked-in your offer today, your special low price will never increase for as long as your subscription is active.  You get to enjoy the updates and future add-ons without paying a penny more.

Allow me to sweeten the pot a little?

You will get the following bonuses when you lock in this offer today...

FREE Bonus #1
Bluetooth (BLE) Connectivity Library.  This allows you to connect to various Bluetooth devices.

FREE Bonus #2
Audio Player Library.  This allows you to playback audio, sounds, and music.

FREE Bonus #3
MUSE Device Connection Library.  This allows you to connect to the MUSE headset (EEG device).

FREE Bonus #4
A course on how to implement Licensing for your software or application.

FREE Bonus #5
A list of 95+ mobile app ideas you can build to start your business.

I also want to let you know that...

You Take ZERO Risk When You Become A Beta-Tester of Xamo Toolkit Today. 100% Money-Back Guarantee.


When you sign up for Xamo Toolkit today, you're fully covered.

You'll have 30 days to test-drive the software.  And, if you don't love it...

If you don't think it lives up to the promises I've made you...

If you don't think it makes your development easier

Heck, even if you don't like the way the software looks...

You simply let us know and we'll give you your $129.95 back.  Every penny.  No question asked.

That's one CRAZY promise, right?

You could say some people may take advantage of this situation and use the software for 30 days, generate the apps for themselves, and then cancel and get a refund.

I'm okay with taking the risk if it helps trustworthy business owners like you.

Hurry though...

If you want to be one of the Xamo Toolkit beta-testers, you have to get in now.

There are only 500 spots.  Once the spots are full, this promotion will be gone forever.

It's also a matter of time.

How long do you want to go on struggling to create great mobile apps that leap your business?

How long do you want to suffer countless hours debugging errors?

How long do you want to put off living your dream?

You should get Xamo Toolkit now because it helps you leap to your dream sooner rather than later.

So, click the button below to reserve your spot.

What To Do Now

Ok, I've given you an incredible opportunity here.

You're getting Xamo Toolkit for a whopping 80% discount of what people in the future will pay for a single month's access.

Now, it's time for you to make a decision.

On the other hand, you could close this page and walk away.

How much do you think that decision would cost you?

Unless you already have 10-20 years of experience under your belt, you won't be able to consistently crank out mobile apps that can leap your business.

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