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Mobile app idea #35: Blockchain Academic Tracker

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

We live in a world where information is abundant but is scattered, disorganized, and sometimes out-of-date or incorrect. As parents, do you find it hard to keep up with your kid's academic progress, especially now? Progress reports that came every six weeks are often too late to make corrections.

The idea is to develop an iOS and Android mobile application that leverages blockchain technology to alert parents on their child's academic standing. The app would be accessible to school administrators, parents, and students. School administrators would be able to announce activities such as school events. Teachers can say they assign homework. Similarly, students can say they turned in their assignments, etc.

The system will analyze trend graphs by comparing related statuses and generate an alert of any potential issue. As parents, you can encourage your kids to turn in missing assignments, do make-up work, etc.

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