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Mobile app idea #38: Kid Duel Education

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The digital age is here to stay and kids that embrace it will have an easier life than those that don't. They spent the majority of their time on online games like Roblox and Minecraft. And it is getting much more difficult to compete for their time.

These games encourage buying digital assets with real money. Most often, kids just ask their parents for it. What if we could leverage this to get kids to spend a little more of their time on something educational?

The idea is to create an online scholastic league to help kids learn and earn. It's a like school tournament but online. It will be delivered through a mobile app on both iOS and Android. Kids who crave that riding pet in Roblox will surely motivate to solve, complete, and win. Tournaments will be short and prizes will be immediate.

Schools can sponsor leagues for their students as extracurricular activities. Businesses can sponsor leagues for advertisements and brand awareness. Parents can also donate to get their kids more involved.

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