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Mobile app idea #43: OnTrack Buddy

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Are you accidentally sabotaging your goals?

I know I do it all the time. I see this happens more for entrepreneurs who are the visionary of the business.

For example, I would have a few tasks I want to do for the day. As I start on one of those tasks, like to reply to messages on LinkedIn. While doing that, I would start browsing posts and articles. Next thing I realized, I had spent a few hours down a rabbit hole. The other tasks (sometimes more important) are not done.

Can you relate?

Wouldn't it be awesome to have an app to keep you focused?

So the idea is to build a mobile application that will allow you to log your tasks and set the level of importance. The higher the level the more persistence it will try to get you complete it.

It activates a voice reminder to help you get back on track. It would need an algorithm to determine how often to remind you based on your answers to the questions it presented to you. Perhaps AI/Machine Learning model would be a good fit here.

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