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Mobile app idea #47: Locate and Annotate

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Would you like to have a photographic memory?

The bad news is no one has a photographic memory. Many people claim to have an eidetic memory, but science has never found a single verifiable case of photographic memory.

If you are like me, you often store items and forget where you put them. And when you need it for a project, you would wander around all day looking for it.

Sadly, no one has a photographic memory and we forget more as we get older. So I think this idea is the next best thing.

The idea to build a mobile application in iOS and Android that will let you take a picture of any object in place and it will store the location for you.

The app will leverage the object-detection algorithm and other AI/ML approach to auto describe and tag the object for you. You could also add custom text annotation if you want.

You get two benefits with this app.

One, you get a catalog of all the items that interest you.

And two, it helps you locate the item when you need them.

No more spending all day looking for an item you thought you had. And get on with what you doing.

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