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Mobile app idea #54: Instant Digital Forms

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Do you hate filling out forms? And when you fill out these forms, wouldn't you agree that most of these questions are the same as those you filled out before?

The idea is to develop a mobile application in Xamarin Forms that is deployable to both iOS and Android that lets you scan a form with your phone camera and it would leverage AI and Machine Learning to match the questions and pre-fill the answers that you have saved.

It would present a list of questions that is not a match on your phone to answers but will save for future use.

Imagine how much time it would save you and how much more accurate your answers will be.

Of course, you could always access the list of questions and update the answers if they have changed.

You would also get a PDF output of the scanned form along with the answers that you keep for you can print, email, and keep for your record.

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