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Mobile app idea #56: Dinner Ideas

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Let's say you went to the supermarket and you saw a special sale for pasta or you see that you have a lot of specific ingredients in your pantry and want to use it before it expires.

Wouldn't it be great if there is a mobile app that suggests what to make for dinner based on that ingredient(s)?

The idea is to develop a mobile application that suggests dinner ideas based on the selected ingredient(s) and style of cooking.

You open the app, enter "pasta", "style of cooking" like Italian, Chinese, etc. and they app would suggest recipes what to make and show you a list of ingredients and quantity for you to get.

The benefit of using this app is that you not only will you optimized your ingredients but you get to try a variety of recipes. Dinners will never be bored and routine again.

Using Xamarin Forms to develop this app, we would be able to deploy this app to both iOS and Android without extra work.

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