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Mobile app idea #57: Noise Pollution Monitor

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

It is without a doubt that sound can impact us greatly. When we listen to high-tempo motivation music, we are moved to drive harder in our workouts. And when we listen to soft and pleasant music we drift toward a relaxed and calm state.

The noise pollution in our environment has the same but negative effect that we do not realize. Every minute of every day, we are bombarded by this type of noise. The short-term and long term effects have not been measured but we can see that we have become more stressed than before, our sleep has deteriorated and thus leads to a decline in our health.

The idea is to build a mobile application using Xamarin Forms that is deployable to iOS and Android that lets you measure the sound level of your environment. When activated, it would run in the background and record noise levels at a specified interval. When the noise persists above a certain threshold, it would notify you to take corrective action to avoid long-term damage to this exposure.

Additionally, it will also keep historical records presented in graphs for your review and analysis.

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