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Mobile app idea #58: Activity Anomaly Detector

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The idea is to build a mobile application in Android and iOS that records and tracks the activity level of a loved one such as your grandparent who may live alone.

The app will use a variety of methods to track these activities. Mainly, it uses an accelerometer to detect if the phone has been moved. Other sensors such as Gyro and GPS could also be used to improve the accuracy of these activities.

The app will first establish a baseline as a "normal" level of activity that spans over a week. Once the baseline has established, it will go into monitor mode. Where the level of activity for the day is compared against a based line, using AI and Machine Learning, it could detect any anomaly and alert you.

Upon detecting this anomaly, it would send a text to the person, if he/she response by picking the phone, then it will self acknowledge this alarm. If he/she doesn't, it will notify you or a designated person to check on them.

The baseline will auto-adjust based on new data to adapt to changes.

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