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Mobile app idea #60: 3D Model Creator

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

People say "an image is worth a thousand words". Well, I say "a 3D model is worth a thousand images".

The idea is to use Xamarin Forms to develop a mobile application in iOS and Android that lets you create a 3D model of any object.

To generate a 3D model, the app would instruct you to take an image of all 6 sides of the object (front, back, left, right, top, and bottom).

It would use object detection to extract and automatically remove the background from each image.

Then it would adjust and normalize the image size so that they are on the same scale.

Finally, it would stitch the images together in the cube pattern to create a 3D model with a 360 view of an object.

These 3D models can be hosted in the cloud and can be loaded on product details pages of online and e-commerce sites.

Customers can check out the 3D product using tools to zoom and rotate to view the product at different angles.

You can create a SaaS business out of this by offering shop owners a monthly subscription to access the models you created.

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