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Mobile app idea #62: Meeting Summarizer

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

You've attended a long 1, 2, even 3-hour meeting and after you have no idea who's doing what. Everybody assumes somebody is doing something but in the end, nobody does it. You are a victim of meeting confusion. And it happens quite often.

I have an easy cure for this meeting confusion.

You've heard of Text Summarizer that uses AI to summarize your text. So to borrow from this concept, I call this cure the Meeting Summarizer.

So the idea is to build a web portal and a mobile application in iOS and Android that lets you record your meeting, summarize your conversation, share it with all participants.

The app will utilize at least Speech to Text Analysis, Voice Recognition, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to identify individual speakers and their intent.

Once this is achieved, it would be able to decipher tasks and action items assigned to each person.

You could also record your meeting separately for record and upload them for analysis and distribution if that is more convenient for you.

With this app, everyone gets the same meeting summary, any discrepancies can be worked out rather than letting assumptions idle your actions.

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