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Mobile app idea #63: Real Life Singles Detector Dating App

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

If you are single and are looking, wouldn't you want other singles to know that? That's the reason you go to bars and such, isn't it? And then sometimes you approach a person and it turns out they are not looking. Ouch!!!

Why does it have to be so complicated?

The idea is to create a mobile dating app in iOS and Android that lets you see who in your approachable distance is single.

Imagine going someplace like a supermarket, coffee shop, or school campus and get notified when singles are within your selected radius.

You can open the app to see a map and location of these singles. Of course, you have to activate your status as well to see theirs. You can then look into their profile to see their selfie and interests. If you like what you see, you can approach and start a conversation with him or her.

When you want to meet someone with similar interests and hobbies, this couldn't be any easier. When they go to the same place and doing the same task as you, chances are they have a similar interest.

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