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Mobile app idea #65: AI-Driven Stock Buy Sell Detector

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

If you trade stocks, this idea could make you the top player.

You know how to recognize good companies. You know how to research good fundamentals. But you just can't judge the buy/sell timing.

Can you relate?

The idea is to build a mobile app for iOS and Android that alert you when a stock in your watch list is ready to buy or sell.

The app should be build using Xamarin so that one source code can generate both an iOS and an Android version.

The app will allow to and register stock symbols into a watch list. You should do enough research to ensure that these stocks have good fundamentals.

You can then select a set of technical indicators that you want to look for.

The app will use AI and Machine Learning to analyze the stocks on your watch list. When the stock matches the indicators you have set, you will get an alert.

The app will also incorporate reinforcement learning. Using this, it can track the success rate of past recommendations and self-adjust. This will make it more accurate with use.

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