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Mobile app idea #66: Co-founder Match

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

They say "in business, you can't go it alone" but what happens when your co-founder isn't right for your business?

This could be spell disasters for your business and may snuff it out completely, right?

What if you could use some metrics to increase the probability of success?

Here's an idea.

The idea is to build a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows you to find co-founders based on compatibility.

The app should be build using Xamarin so that one source code can generate both an iOS and an Android version.

The app will allow users to register as a business owner or as a potential co-founder.

The app will allow you to specify the skills and the personality traits you are looking for.

The app will use various psychological surveys and tools to rate personality traits.

The app will also rate background similarity, complementary skills, and other intangibles. This will provide added layers to recommendation criteria to find the best matches.

What would you rather do?

Use an app like this or find some "rando" and hope it works out?

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