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Mobile app idea #72: Bluetooth For Emergency

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

The idea is to develop a mobile application that lets you send and relay messages via Bluetooth.

Why use Bluetooth and not the mobile messaging system?

The reason is that the mobile messaging system use cell towers to communicate. If these cell towers are offline, you can use the Bluetooth as a back-up.

For example, when a natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake hits. In the process, it could damage the cell towers your phone relies on for communications.

Now imagine if your neighborhood gets affected and you and your neighbors have this app.

The app will turn your phone into a peer-to-peer relay system.

This means your message gets routed from phone to phone rather than through the cell towers.

As you can see this creates a mesh system that can replace the dead spots where the cell towers are inoperable.

Wouldn't you agree that communications become even more critical during an emergency?

This app could mean life or death for many. It is better to have it than not, right?

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