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Mobile app idea #74: Awareness Checker

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Worker safety is paramount in any organization. It is even more important for construction and engineering companies that deal with heavy machinery.

These companies go out of their way to instill a culture of safety first and establish that as their number one priority. As such, the number of work-related accidents for them is extremely low. But even one accident can cause a substantial loss. A detrimental loss to the workers, companies, families, and communities alike.

This is why we invest heavily in multiple layers of safety checks to make sure these numbers stay as low as possible.

As such I believe more is better, wouldn't you agree?

I want to introduce another layer of safety to drive the number of accidents even lower.

The idea is to build a web and mobile application that let you gauge the alertness level of workers.

Firstly, the app will establish a baseline for each worker. This could be done during employee orientation, quarterly safety education & training, etc.

Secondly, augment the existing check-in process with this app to log the worker's awareness before they report to work.

The process could be as simple as entering your 10-digit phone number and look into a camera for facial recognition. A process like this does not delay or interrupt your employee's routine. But it provides multiple benefits.

You see, facial recognition not only confirms the employee's identity to authorize them access into the facility it could also log their pupil dilation, eyelids opening, rapid eye movements, and many more.

The app can then compare the current snapshot against the individual's baseline to detect any anomaly. I won't go into technical details but there are many ways to do this.

Additionally, the app can utilize the second security verification to measure the speed in which they enter their phone number.

If you are not mentally sharp, the slight delay can be detected by the app. The mental delay could be because you are tired, have something on your mind like an argument with a friend, or under the influence of prescription medication, etc.

This delay is noticeable even for something you know by heart like your phone number.

As you could tell, mental distraction is a disaster waiting to happen. So why not take a day off rather than risking your life and the lives of the people around you.

With this app, you could have systematic data to signal problems before they happen.

In conjunction with the mobile app, a web application will monitor and send out alerts when an anomaly is detected. Also, a daily summary would be generated for the shift supervisor.

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