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Mobile app idea #76: Player Performance Predictor

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

If anyone is familiar with the Madden NFL game, knows that each player in the game is graded in 40+ categories. These categories are a combination of attributes and traits.

Attributes include physical and mental characteristics as well as the player's skills and abilities.

Physical characteristics such as height, weight, and age. Mental characteristics like awareness, aptitude, teachability.

Skills and abilities include strength, speed, agility, etc.

Traits are the player's tendency. For example, it indicates whether a QB is more likely to run or pass.

Every year EA sports have collected data and rated every single NFL player for their game. Their rating has the highest accuracy in the prediction of real-life player performance around. Their prediction engine is quite impressive. I have been a fan of this game since 1997.

I believe that young players in high school and college could benefit from this tremendously.

So the idea is to build a web and a mobile application that lets coaches rate their players' skills and attributes. It would leverage AI and Machine Learning to obtain a similar prediction.

The app would provide a multitude of benefits to coaches and players.

It provides coaches a consistent way to evaluate their players' strengths and weaknesses.

It provides coaches data needed to come up with plays and formation schemes that leverage their player's tendencies.

It provides players a predictable way to improve their skills.

More importantly, it allows teams to get more "win".

And ultimately improve the player's chance to get scouted by the NFL.

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