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Mobile app idea #80: Reminder In Place

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Have you been someplace and you get a sense that you are forgetting something?

Like going grocery shopping and forget the cheese or milk?

Or going to Home Depot for materials and forget that specialty screws?

This happens too often for a lot of us.

Nowadays, our brains get overloaded with tons of information. But it can only bring to consciousness a handful of things. This means you will only remember those few things that are in your conscious mind. So when your subconscious cries out but you couldn't recall what it is, this is the feeling I am talking about.

Everywhere you go, something else is competing for your attention. There is a good chance that you will get distracted by one thing or another.

So how do you combat brain overload and compete with these distractions?

The idea is to build a mobile application that reminds you based on locations.

Imagine a todo list that you can associate a GPS coordinate or name of a location. Then when you are in the vicinity of the target location, the app will remind you of the todo items for that location.

What do I meant by name of a location?

An example of this would be Home Depot or grocery stores. You see, Home Depot has many locations. So when you are nearby any Home Depot the app would trigger the notification. And grocery stores could match either Whole Foods or Walmart.

This app could help you maximize your trip when you drive around town for your errands.

This app could help truckers check off the items in his to-do list when he/she gets at a certain point. As commercial truckers, there is always something to do when you drop off or pick up something.

This app will help you get peace of mind.

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