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Mobile app idea #82: Ad-Filter Radio Stream

What's the difference between a spam-filter and an ad-filter? Not much. They are both unwanted content. Nowadays, radio stations have become an advertisement station with a sprinkle of music.

Do you find yourself always switching your radio station while driving? If you find the commercial ads becoming too spammy, then this idea is for you.

I know there are apps like Pandora and iHeartRadio. But these apps have ads too. And if you don't want ads, you will have to dish out some money for a monthly subscription.

Do you wish you could skip the ad segment in your radio stream for FREE?

The idea is to build a mobile application that can filter out ads from your radio stream.

The app would buffer 10 to 15 seconds of your favorite radio stations. These are like the presets in your car. Besides streaming the audio, the app implements an ad-filter much like a spam-filter. It will switch the station when an ad is detected.

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