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Mobile app idea #83: AI-powered Resume Analyzer

A resume is like an ad copy. A well-written ad copy can make a company a lot of money. Companies that are successful spare no expense to hire the best copywriters for their ads. Because they know a better ad equals better profits.

It is quite evident that a better resume equals a better job. But the sad fact is that resume writing is not one of our best skills. It is probably the lowest-ranked skills. Some of us spend decades honing our occupational skills but, we rarely, if all, spend any time improving resume writing.

We seldom need it in our job but, we often forget that it is crucial to getting the job we want.

How do we write a resume that can clearly articulate our capabilities and experience?

The idea is to build a web and mobile application that will help you write a better resume.

You can upload your resume and let the app's AI algorithm spot issues and offer improvement suggestions.

This tool is much like a lot of the AI-powered writing tools on the market, but it focuses only on resume metrics.

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