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Mobile app idea #84: Thinking-To-Voice

Imagine a world where people with speaking disabilities can speak naturally. Imagine a world where the language barrier is a thing of the past. Imagine yourself speaking French without knowing French.

Wouldn't that be incredible?

With the advent of AI, Deep Neural Networks, and NLP, it is now all possible.

The idea is to create a mobile application that allows you to speak using your thoughts.

You see, there several consumer-grade EEG devices on the market that can record your brainwave. They are light and can run for hours. And you can hide it under a baseball cap.

The app would stream the brainwaves from the EEG device into a Deep Neural Network (DNN) algorithm. The algorithm would then generate a speech mapping to feed to the NLP. Then NLP would process the text-to-speech to create the voice.

Similar to soundwaves, you will have to train the DNN to recognize brain wave patterns. But more importantly, it is also necessary for you to practice holding specific brainwaves for corresponding actions. Pioneers in this area have laid the foundation for controlling prosthetics. You can borrow from these studies can gain useful insights.

These concepts described here should give you a general idea of how to achieve this.

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