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Mobile app idea #85: Farsighted Mirror

It is often irritating to put on makeup when you have far-sightedness. Your glasses are always in the way. You either have to use a specialty makeup glasses or a farsighted mirror. Even with the makeup glasses, you have something covering your face. And you are seeing through one eye at a time. A farsighted mirror can be inconvenient to lug around.

The idea is to create a mobile application that turns your phone into a farsighted mirror.

The app will use the front-facing camera to display a real-time feed of yourself. Then you can slide adjust the prescription level until the image is clear to you.

Imagine breaking free from your glasses and tools when you just wanted to freshen your makeup during a dinner date or party.

If you want a bigger mirror, you could always use an iPad or Android tablet. There's a good chance that you are already carrying one around anyway for other purposes.

With this app, you will have one less thing that will irritate you.

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