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Mobile app idea #89: Resume Broadcaster

Resume portals (job websites) play a crucial role in the success of you landing a good job. But with the growing market and the increasing number of similar sites sprouting, it has become a pain to keep up with so many sites.

Are tired of manually uploading your resume to a myriad of web portals when you are job hunting?

The idea is to build a web and mobile application that allows you to upload your resume to one place and get it broadcast to multiple websites of your choosing.

By utilizing the web portal's API (if available) or by web-scraping technologies, the app would create the interfaces to connect and upload your resume.

With this service, you can now be able to update your resume and broadcast it with a few clicks.

This app can save you time and maximize your chances of being found by recruiters. And ultimately increase your chance of landing the job you want.

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