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Mobile app idea #90: Interest-Based Ads

The idea is to build a web and mobile application that sends you a curated list of ads that matches the interests of your choosing.

But why ads? Isn't ads considered spam?

Yes, an un-wanted ad is spam. But an ad that meets your needs is your solution.

You see, an ad usually comes with an offer i.e. deal or promotion. For example, when you are in the market for a car, you hope you can find deals like employee-discount, MRSP reduction, and/or low or no-interest financing.

Am I right?

Wouldn't it be nice if the deals come to you for your review rather than you searching for deals that may be out of date?

The good thing about deals coming to you is that the offer is current and the offerer is prepared to strike the deal with you. Imagine how smooth the transaction would be.

Or would you rather search multiple places and asked: "do you have this deal or that deal"? What do you think the chances of you hitting the jackpot?

Another thing you might be asking is: "Isn't Google already does this?"

No, Google serves ads based on interests too but they based it on your profile that it collects from its free tools. Meaning they "guess" your interests based on what you search for.

For example, I am a programmer, so most of what I browsed are tech-related content. So Google inferred that I am a tech guy. So the ads that match my interests could be deals on laptops or gaming desktops. But you see, if I already have a tricked-out gaming rig, I don't want to see this type of ads again until the next time I needed again.

The nice feature about this app is that you can select or de-select the interests you want to see. You see, it's dynamic and it is more precise.

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