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Mobile app idea #91: Finding Good Eats

Do you have a unique way to find good restaurants?

Food review apps and blogging sites are a great way to discover new places, but sometimes it could be a hit or miss.

When you rate something, you are attributing a number to how you feel about it. It is fuzzy and could be skew.

What if we quantify our liking for the restaurants based on our actions rather than our feelings?

The idea is to develop a restaurant review mobile application based on the frequency score rather than a rating.

The app will allow you to comment and recommend any of your favorite restaurants. Each recommendation will be weighted the same and thus have the same rating. However, when you re-visited the restaurant, the weighted factor will increase. The higher the frequency of re-visit, the higher the score will be.

Of course, when other people who tagged your recommendation as helpful and also re-visit the restaurant multiple times, it will get a substantial increase.

The scoring algorithm would more complex than this, but you get the idea.

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