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Mobile app idea #92: Kinetic Typography Cloud

The idea is to build a web and mobile application that allows you to easily create your own kinetic typography videos and have them accessible in the cloud.

Okay, so you can make kinetic typography videos using Adobe After Effects. Heck, you can even use Powerpoint.

After all, kinetic typography is just a fancy word for "moving text". It is an animation technique that mixes motion and text to express ideas using video animation.

But seriously, who can actually make them? My guess is only a select few who do this professionally.

The same can be said of Canva. I mean, you have Photoshop, GIMP, and hundreds of graphic software to choose from. But without a doubt, Canva is a huge success. This is because the founders at Canva understood the need for an easier and simpler way for non-designers to create graphics. They also understood the need for easy anywhere anytime.

The app will allow to drag-n-drop various ready-made effects from the library. You can then make changes to the text, font, colors, and other attributes that fit your needs. You can connect and transition multiple effects together to make your videos. It is really just plug-and-play.

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