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What is Xamo Toolkit?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

What is Xamo Toolkit and why should I use it.

Xamo Toolkit is a xamarin-based mobile framework starter kit and a productivity tool that conquers the complexity of mobile application development by providing a growing and up-to-date collection of ready-made customizable templates, and controls fully implemented code-behind and ViewModels that most mobile applications require, including:

Project Solution templates

  • Base UI Kit

  • Base UI Kit with Offline sync

On-demand Functional Components

  • Themes

  • Walk-through

  • Login

  • Dashboard

  • Article Pages

  • E-commerce Pages

  • Messages Pages

  • Social Pages

UI controls

  • Floating Label Entry

  • Floating Label Editor

  • Floating Label Picker

  • Floating Label Date Picker

  • Floating Label Time Picker

  • Floating Action Button

  • DataGrid

  • Accordion

  • Popup

  • Image Gallery

  • Badge

  • Gradient Layout

  • Gesture Frame

  • Image Editor

  • Movable ListView

  • Segmented Control

  • Zoom ScrollView


  • ReactiveUI already hooked-in

  • Collection of Helpers and Converter class

  • Styles

  • Localization (aka Internalization) with TextResources

  • Icon collections via fonts

  • MVVM pattern

Furthermore, applications built with the Xamo Toolkit can benefit from clean and optimized code and already in placed lean standard architectural patterns that have verify to work for a multitudes of apps. Having clean and optimized code also means increased rendering speed and reduced memory consumption.

To request a private beta access, click here.

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