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Xamo Base Pro

Xamo Base Pro


License for the use of our Xamo Base Pro starter kit.

Xamo Base Pro a Visual Studio solution that contains all the code needed to run a core mobile app publishable to iOS, Android, and Windows store.  The Pro version includes data synchronization functionality and a back-end service API project.


As soon as you purchase, we will follow up with you via email to download the code.


By purchasing a license for the app, you agree to these terms:


1. No Refunds Are Available
No refunds. No exceptions.


2. License Only
You own a license to use the the Xamarin Base Pro source code to build your cross-platform mobile apps and you may not resell it as-is. You many not compete with Xamo Toolkit.


3. Terms and Conditions
Additional terms and conditions here.


4. Updates
Your license does not include updates. The license for the library is as-is on the date of purchase.


5. License Duration
Your license is perpetual.


6. Non-Transferable
Your license is not transferable. You may not assign or give your license to anyone else. If you do, your license will be immediately revoked and you will be subject to legal rebuttal.


7. Liability Release
You release Xamo Toolkit for any damages. You use the library at your own risk.


8. No Warranty
There is no warranty, express or implied. No guarantee.


9. No Formal Support
If you have questions or problems using our library, you are welcome to post on our forum. However, there is no formal support program for the app. Your purchase of the Xamarin Base Pro license DOES NOT include support and does not include engineering labor or contract work.


10. Third Party and Dev fees
You are responsible for third party libraries used in the App. You are responsible for any fees related to tools, licensing, or IDEs for development (example: Xcode developer fees from Apple).


You should be comfortable developing code and using IDEs to enjoy this product.

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