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Advanced Training to Fast-Track Your Mobile App Development

Unlock Xamo Toolkit’s infinite potential & take your skills to the next level

What It Includes


Expert Instruction

Get 32 hours of step-by-step instruction for all Xamo Toolkit templates from the creator of Xamo Toolkit, veteran software architect & developer, Trieu Nguyen.


Hands-on Training

From setups & configurations through filling in details & ultimately to deployment, we empower you at every step to launch your cross-platform native app for iOS & Android.


Exclusive Access

Enjoy member-only access to resources, including tutorial videos for reflective study. The Enterprise Edition of the Xamo Toolkit is also included in the course fee.

Quantum Leap Secrets for Savvy App Developers

If you are a C# developer who wants to get ahead of the competition with the knowledge and tools to go from idea to done in days — not weeks or years — then our Fast-track Mobile App Development course is your secret weapon.

Your instructor, Trieu Nguyen, is dedicated to ending waste and frustration in app development. This course is designed to empower you to easily and quickly envision, craft, and bring your app to market using the Xamo Toolkit framework. Loaded with features and functions that put an end to your development headaches, Trieu teaches you how to get the most out of the Toolkit with a hands-on, fully supported experience.

Image by Markus Spiske

You’ll learn how to:

●    Setup & configure your environments to run & deploy for iOS & Android
●    Create & configure your source code repository
●    Leverage the base UI Kit project solution templates
●    Integrate features for an engaging UX
●    Use page templates & UI controls to craft engaging functionality
●    Implement business logic & orchestrate data flow between controls
●    Add in your WebApi for back-end services, if desired (optional)
●    Provision individual stores’ accounts and keys necessary for deployment on Apple & Google


●    Solid understanding of C#/.NET
●    Good understanding of object-oriented programming concepts
●    Good understanding of Visual Studio and NuGet




$8,500.00 - includes a 3-month subscription to the Enterprise Edition of Xamo Toolkit, a $5250 value

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