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What It Includes

Rapid Release

Xamo Toolkit takes you from idea to done in hours. Our project solution templates are the ultimate starter sauce, with a full spectrum of custom options to make your app your own.

Creative Freedom

Our extensive collection of themes, styles, and controls make it easy for you to give your app a distinct look and feel. And our collection is always growing, so you can keep up with current tastes.

Peace of Mind

You can trust our expert development, which includes rock-solid code, architecture, and security. We also empower your app-building endeavors with personal instruction and easy tutorials.

Turnkey Project Solution Templates

We build our out-of-the-box project solutions on a solid foundation, the result of many years of careful planning and precision architecture. We do all the heavy lifting by implementing an MVVM pattern and integrating connected font icons, Reactive UI, localization, and numerous helpers and converters. Quickly and easily connect basic page templates, and finish your app at warp speed.

Model-Based View and ViewModel CodeGen

Create and keep your own user-defined model-based templates for code gen your pages exactly the way you want. 

Versatile Page Templates

Every one of our page templates are built with two users in mind: you and your customer. It’s our mission to save you time and effort while developing a smooth and satisfying experience for your end-users. We have 7 FREE templates included in the subscription:

  • Themes

  • Walkthrough

  • Login

  • Dashboard

  • Article Pages

  • Messages Pages

  • Social Pages

Because Xamo Toolkit is a growing collection of templates, we’re always adding new components and variations to existing components, so you always have an incredible selection to choose from.

Essential UI Controls

Our collection of UI controls includes all you need to build an engaging and intuitive UI. We’re always adding to our controls collections to keep your options fresh and abundant. Our controls include:

  • Accordion

  • Badge

  • Data Grid

  • Floating Action Button / Menu

  • Floating Label Entry

  • Floating Label Editor

  • Floating Label Picker

  • Floating Label Date picker

  • Floating Label Time picker

  • Gesture Frame

  • Image Editor

  • Image Gallery

  • Gradient Layout

  • Movable List View

  • Popup Control

  • Segmented Control

  • Repeatable Wrap Panel

  • Zoom Scroll View

More power packed into your Xamo Toolkit:

  • Reactive UI ready, for seamless user interactions

  • A growing library of Helpers & Converters

  • Themes & styles to create the look & feel of your app effortlessly

  • Localization for global appeal and usefulness

  • More than 1,500 font icons absolutely FREE

  • Plug & play MVVM pattern

  • Bluetooth connectivity library (Professional & Enterprise subscriptions only)

  • Audio control library (Professional & Enterprise subscriptions only)

  • Validation engine so for easy, dynamic validation for your app’s forms (Enterprise subscription only)

  • Robust telemetry & analytics (Enterprise subscription only)

  • Publishing tools to make eCommerce set-up easy  (Enterprise subscription only)

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