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Mobile app idea #45: Uber Smash Airbnb

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Consider the Uber + Airbnb concept for the "Local Experience". People travel more now and they want the authentic experience of the culture and places.

Many resorts style destinations have been overdone. People are yearning something unique.

The idea is to develop a mobile application in iOS and Android to allow locals to register as a "guide" for travelers and vacationers.

Locals can list services they can provide such as drivers to various places or any other things that they know to assists travelers. The app would be able to recommend locals good ratings and backgrounds similar "would be" travelers to provide a more immeasurable level of connection and commonality. This similarity would make it easy for the "guides" to recommend restaurants, food dishes, and other services that would most likely satisfy the travelers.

This business venture would create economies for locals and make ease for travelers to fully experience the culture, places, and services that would have taken years to discover.

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