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Mobile app idea #93: Online Courses Aggregator

The world has changed. And it's going to change even more. The COVID-19 pandemic forces schools and universities to shut down all across the world. As a result, e-learning through online courses and classes have surged to fill this gap. And they are here to stay.

As with anything else, every growth has its challenges. As online digital learning platforms and online courses sprouted on a massive scale, consumers are struggling to adapt.

The idea is to build a web and mobile app that aggregates online courses in one convenient place.

The app will allow you to search for courses and preview them before buying them. Also, you would have the ability to track the courses you have purchased and access them again whenever you need them.

As a bonus, we could deal with course creators to participate in a "course-pass" program where you can purchase a package that allows you pick-and-choose courses that are offered by different creators and vendors.

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