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Mobile app idea #95: Pinpoint Homeless With Blockchain

There are homeless shelters, soup kitchen, and many many facilities to help people who are homeless get back on their feet. We have these facilities and volunteers waited and readied to help them but a lot of them never do.

You have to understand that when you are homeless and hungry, you don't have access to conveniences that we are used to and take for granted. Things such as a cell phone to call someone, a car to get around, a place to Google for information.

The bottom line is they just don't know. Often, their sense of logic and creativity is overwhelmed by their need for survival that they don't think about and know how to go about getting help.

The idea is to build a mobile application to pinpoint homeless people. The app will allow you to note the location of a homeless person. It app will automatically log the location, date/time as last seen, and an optional comment. With enough data, the app will then generate a heatmap of homeless people.

There multiple benefits to this.

It helps show and justify to our government the needed areas so they can administer assistance programs more effectively.

It helps compassionate people and companies know where to offer their aid. Whether that's giving out foods, offer them yard work, or whatever.

The app uses blockchain to capture the data, therefore, should be more accurate than the traditional guestimate method. Another differentiator is that the app can pinpoint a more precise location.

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