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Mobile app idea #94: Automated Drone Patrol

When you have a large private estate or commercial land, surveillance and security become a challenge. The problem is a lack of information. It would expensive to hire someone to keep watch. But even, then you wouldn't get a full view.

The idea is to create a web and mobile application that can control a drone and patrol a large private estate, isolated commercial sites, or farm.

Today's smartphones are capable of running sophisticated software, even AI-program. It even comes with advanced sensors like GPS and LTE. And all of this power comes in a compact and lightweight form factor. This makes it a perfect tool for controlling a drone.

You would install the app on a dedicated phone and attach the phone to the drone. The app would allow you to map out your drone flight paths. Since your phone has LTE, you can even remote control the phone and drone from your computer through the web portal anywhere in the world.

As your drone patrols its flight path, it will capture video and stream to your phone for storage. The app can run a light analysis of the video stream and send out any alerts if needed. When the drone gets back to its base, where the high-bandwidth network is available, it will transfer the video for permanent storage and further complex analysis.

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