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Mobile app idea #71: Try Not To Laugh Challenge

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Everyone could use more laughter in their lives.

The idea is to build a mobile application that lets you send a funny video to a group of friends and detect if they laugh.

The video could be something you found on the internet or something that you stream yourself.

But the video needs to be 15 seconds or shorter like a Vines video.

As people watch your video, the app uses facial recognition to detect if they laugh.

The app will rank your videos by the number of people who laugh at it.

The app will also rank your profile in two different categories.

The first category is the rank of how many laughs you have claimed.

The second category is the rank of how many videos you have resisted laughing.

This will allow other members of similar rank to challenge you and take over your spot.

Members could also search for other members and recruit him/her for their team. They could search for "the hardest person to make laugh" to give them an advantage in defense.

Teams could challenge other teams. Teams could define their own rules such as the theme of the videos and other parameters in a challenge.

Just think about how much joy this would bring to our lives.

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