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Mobile app idea #81: Crisp Conversation

Have you ever had a lunch or dinner meeting with your clients in a noisy restaurant and have a hard time hearing?

I know what it's like to get drowned in noises while you are trying to build rapport. I find it hard to focus and even harder to impress any clients.

If you suffer from noise distraction or hard of hearing, then the idea is for you.

The idea is to build a mobile application that helps you hear clearly in a noisy environment.

This app allows you and your party to converse over Bluetooth. It uses AI to recognize and remove background noise so that only direct voice will come through.

Each participant can connect to the same conversation using a unique QR code. The host will create a QR code and ask the participants to scan the QR code to join in. And then use an earbud to hear the filtered audio.

When not used a group setting, you can use it as a hearing aid. You can leave your phone on the table. The app would filter the audio to your earbud much the same way.

The Crisp Conversation app can give you peace of mind again.

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